Learning to Receive God’s Love Through Others

July 20, 2016

We will not be able to receive the love of others until we are established in looking to God alone to meet our needs. 

(George Miley) Recorded at Christ Church Anglican 3/11/14


The Kingdom of God Breaks Into the Kingdom of Man

July 13, 2016

Jesus came bringing new information, information critical to human life, information no one else had brought. The new information was about the Kingdom of God. How does one enter? How does one live there?

(George Miley) Recorded 12/8/2013

My Choices are Forming the Person I am Becoming

June 15, 2016

The heart is the core … the seat … the essence of our humanity. The heart is the source of our choices. We have the power, the freedom, to choose. God has given this to us. He will not interfere with our choices.

(George Miley) Recorded 3/30/2014 at Christ Church Anglican

How do I live in my Baptism? Two Megatrends that Shape our Christian Lives

June 8, 2016

Baptism provides the foundation for the rest of our Christian life. The victorious Christian life is living in our baptism.

(George Miley) Recorded 1/11/2015 at Christ Church Anglican

An Invitation to God’s Presence

June 1, 2016

The Presence of God is what every human being is seeking for, longing for, although most of us don’t know it.

(George Miley) Recorded 2/22/2015

Jesus’ Strategy for Kingdom Expansion: What Was It?

May 25, 2016

Jesus came to make a way for us to enter the Kingdom of God. But once we are in, we must learn how to live there. How does the kingdom work? What are its realities?

(George Miley) Recorded 7/5/2015

Spiritual Battle: What is it? How do I Respond?

May 18, 2016

Satan tries to attack God by attacking God’s image bearers—humans. We are responsible to respond to these attacks.

(George Miley) Recorded 8/23/2015 at Christ Church Anglican

Introduction to Christian Community

May 11, 2016

God is a community of persons who are in relationship with each other. We are created like him. Without relationships a core aspect of our being is missing.

(George Miley) Recorded 9/5/2015

Knowing Christ is Something Deep

May 4, 2016

Knowing Christ, Righteousness, Faith, Discipleship We want to understand these truths and how they relate to each other.

(George Miley) Recorded 3/13/2016 at Christ Church Anglican

How is Christlikeness Formed in Me?

April 27, 2016

As Jesus’ disciple, I let him teach me how human life works. I am with Jesus, to learn from Jesus, how to be like Jesus. The results in me over time: insight, healing, maturity, fulfillment, love. 

(George Miley) Recorded 1/1/2016 at Christ Church Anglican


Part 1 - Forgiveness: My Long Journey to Forgiveness

April 20, 2016

Hanna, a Holocaust survivor, describes her journey and the steps she took to face the harsh truths off the past. 

(Hanna Miley) Recorded 3/5/2016 at Camelback Bible Church

Part 2 - Forgiveness: Candid Answers to Provocative Questions

April 20, 2016
More of Hanna's past unfolds as Julian poses deep questions about her journey to forgiveness.

Hanna Miley and Julian Gibb - Recorded 3/5/2016 at Camelback Bible Church


Part 3 - Forgiveness: Becoming the Kind of Person Who Forgives

April 20, 2016

God has made each of us responsible for our own decisions.My enemy is responsible for decisions he/she made to wrong me. I am responsible for how I am going to respond. 

(George Miley) Recorded 3/5/2016 at Camelback Bible Church 


Entering the Rhythms of the Christian Life

April 7, 2016

The process of accessing Christ’s provision is a rhythm resulting in theformation of the person in Christlikeness.

(George Miley) Recorded 2/11/2016 at Christ Church Anglican


Healing the Wounds of the Adult Child

March 20, 2016

Inner wounding, caused by sin—mine and those around—blocks maturing. (George Miley) Recorded 3/13/2016 at Christ Church Anglican


Jesus of Nazareth; Who is He?

March 12, 2016

Have you ever met him? Would you like to?

(George Miley) Recorded 2/7/2016 at Christ Church Anglican